Hollywood Smile

Broken Teeth: Teeth that have been broken due to extensive dental caries or trauma can also be treated with E-Max dental veneers.

Root Canal Treated Teeth: Teeth with root  canal treatment tend to be brittle and fragile. E-Max veneers are also a good option for the repair of weak teeth that have undergone such root canal treatment and have a fragile structure, in addition to the aesthetic perfection they provide.

Yellowed Teeth : Say goodbye to your yellowed teeth with E-Max veneers. Since E-Max veneers are transparent, highly resistant to breakage and bending, they offer you new teeth with excellent aesthetics instead of your existing teeth.

Curved Teeth: E-Max is a preferred treatment type for aesthetic teeth, especially for the anterior region, restoring the structure and shape of crooked teeth. It gives optimum aesthetic results while designing smile aesthetics in the anterior region.