About Us

‘Health And Vacation’ is a health and travel company that is a member of TÜRSAB (Association of Turkish Travel Agencies) by the Ministry of Health. Turkey is a world-renowned country in the field of Health Tourism with its advanced technological medical devices, nature-friendly hospitals, world-renowned specialist doctors, and health personnel. We, on the other hand as a health tourism agency, set out with the mission of bringing together people or institutions in search of health services in many domestic and international fields, in cooperation with the leading doctors and hospitals of our country. With our experience of more than 5 years, we are a digital marketing, communication, and consultancy firm providing services in the health tourism sector.

We, as Health And Vacation in Antalya, are a "Health Tourism Agency" with the ability to manage all treatment and operation processes in an organized manner with the Antalya health institutions and numerous health personnel and specialist physicians working there. 

Mission & Vision

As ‘Health And Vacation’ health tourism agency, we provide all treatment services by meeting all the needs, demands, and expectations of our clients, together with our experienced, professional, young, and pioneering team, in addition to our specialist doctors, by individualizing the health services so that all our patients receive quality and above the standard treatments. We aim to provide all kinds of support during the process. As the ‘Health And Vacation’ family, the satisfaction of our clients is our priority. Your health is very valuable to us, that's why we care about the services we are providing. We do our job with a passionate spirit and with a professional understanding. 

Our vision as Health And Vacation Health Tourism Agency; To ensure that the development and remedial health services are delivered to all citizens in the country and abroad at a high level, accessible and economical conditions, at certain standards, to personalize this service according to the needs of each person and to ensure their comfort. 

Our team